Accept payments without website
Easiest way to Collect Payments
for your Professional Services
Digital Invoice
Now you can easily create professional invoices that carry your brand identity to your customers using your smartphone and organizing all your business invoices in one place. Say goodbye to paper invoices.
Payment Links
Create and share payment links via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc. and get paid immediately. Accepting payments from customers is now just a link away. No website or integration required.
Simplified Point of Sale - From Cart to Register and payments in a single window solution
Turn any of your android device effortlessly into a POS platform which takes care of your cart items addition; also accepting both customized bills amounts and standard payments completely digital.
Don't get restricted to your store only; ePOS makes it easy to accept payments at your customer's doorstep.
Get paid in many modes
Get your Payments accepted in numerous ways. A Single app that allows transactions via Mobile Money, Debit/Credit Cards and many more.
Same day settlement
No longer wait for your Money. Pay & get paid on within the same day to your Bank Account.
Paperles Receipts
Send your bills or receipts online to individual customers to become fully digital and green.
Features That Drive your Customer’s Business Growth
PayChap e -POS develops innovative products that demo and sell easily. New features and products are
continuously added to keep merchants happy, and revenues growing
Unlimited Users
Inventory Management
Modifiers / addons
Order Manager
Categories Management
Menu Management
Create Discount
Process Refunds
Your business any size, Our platform customized for You.
PayChap e-POS is built keeping the flexibilty of platform in mind to modify its scale and functionality which is relevant to each type of the business retailer,
so all our customers get the personalized experience and enjoys premium platform experience which is cost effective and simple.
Card Swipping is getting old and will soon be extinct, It carries many exposed risks right from security concerns, device maintenance, technical support and
also a huge overhead cost. Also not to forget, customers today no longer to cary cards everytime they go out when they already have smartphone
in their hand. Its the best time accept payments digital.
Printed Paper receipts is bad for business in so many levels, paper costs and its negative effects on the environment, printing and device cost and many more.
Digital Receipts merits the business largely and the customers even more; Imagine all of your sale receipts are sent instantly via SMS to your customer
which can avoid long queues and every receipt is stored online safely for account keeping any time in future.
A payments platform that just works
Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer or homepreneur. Whatever your business is, PayChap helps you accept payments and connect with customers effortlessly. That way, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.
Instant activation
Absolute online onboarding with
minimum documentation
Support Freelancers
We support freelancers, small agencies,
women who work from home
Best pricing
Completely free and you have to pay
only when the customers pay
Business growth insights
Powerful dashboard to view
received payments, bank
settlements and more
Best in industry support
We are available always to support
you in every step through phone,
Email and chat
Accept every payment
Get paid using Mobile Money,
Debit/Credit Cards
Designed for B2B businesses providing a simplified
solution to accept payments
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