Don't have a website and mobile apps? Accept payments from your customers using PayChap payment links from anywhere
Absolutely free & pay only when your customers pay
Get paid instantly with PayChap payment links
Create and share the payment links to your customers via social media platforms, SMS, Email, WhatsApp. Get paid & notified once the customers pay
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Accepting payments was never easy like this
Payment Link integrates directly to your business and simple to use your business and simple to use directly to your business
Accept payment without a website
It is not necessary to worry about that you need not have any website/ app for selling. Make your customers pay online.
Alternative Payment Option
You can substitute payment link for cash on delivery and point of sale payment methods in your business Make your customers pay online.
Social Media Sharing
You can give your customers to check out option by sharing payment link Make your customers pay online.
How to accept payments using 'Payment Link'?
PayChap payment Links are simple to use, they are very powerful too. PayChap payment Links are easy to use for the customer’s

Create Link

Create a payment link using customer’s

Share Link

Share the payment link via Email or SMS

Customer Pays

Now the customer can pay usings
credit/debit card.

Get Notified

Notification is received once the payment is completed

PayChap was envisioned for business service providers to track, collect & manage payments faster
What is a Payment Link?
Payment Links are an easy way to receive payments for goods and services. You enter the name of the customer and the amount due and send the generated link to the person who needs to pay you.
How can I send a Payment Link?
You can send a Payment Link to your customer via email, SMS, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.
Can I accept multiple payments using Payment Links?
Yes. You can create one payment link and send it to multiple customers to accept payments.
Can I accept USD, UK Pounds and Euro using Payment Links?
Yes. PayChap provides multiple currency options so you can create payment links in others currency and You will receive in INR. We using real-time currency conversion.
Accept payments from countries across the world.
International payments on PayChap supports 150+ major currencies from all over the globe. Currency conversion is not required to be done by you, we do it automatically in real-time.
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Simple & superb platform for all the businesses.
Accept payments from countries across the world.

Promising technological innovation

PayChap is a promising technological innovation that solves a teething problem of processing payments. We are excited to be part of PayChap new tech innovation.

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